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Sunrise Music Single CD Cover
Another single from The Hunt Album
Posted in Franco Esteve, Music on May 27, 2018
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Sunrise Music Single CD CoverSunrise music single CD Cover

Sunrise Music Single CD Cover: This is the cover for Sunrise, one of the songs from my upcoming album, The Hunt. As y’all know, I’m creating covers for each of the songs in The Hunt, whether or not they’re released as singles, as they’ll each be available in sheet music format for individuals, groups, or orchestras to be able to acquire them and play them (you can get the sheet music for The Wait right now here.).Sunrise is nearly mastered as well. Slowly but surely, they’re all coming along quite nicely. As soon, as the master is ready, qualifying patrons will be able to listen to it. All patrons will also get to see how I created the cover above, and will get more content and music as always, so become a patron now!

I’m sure y’all will enjoy it.

Patrons get it first! Become a patron and you’ll be able to watch, listen, get behind-the-scenes access, free music and more. Go now:

Thank you and stay tuned! There’s a lot more on the way…

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