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Torrent de Pareis Gargoyle
From Instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Mallorca 360, Photography on June 3, 2018
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Torrent de Pareis Gargoyle

Franco Esteve Torrent de Pareis Gargoyle Image

I just posted this Torrent de Pareis Gargoyle to Instagram. It’s from one of the locations I filmed for Mallorca 360 along the Torrent de Pareis, a famous gorge torrent within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Serra de Tramuntana in Sa Calobra, Mallorca. The Torrent de Pareis overall is a spectacular location from where the torrent meets the sea (and filming location for the film, Cloud Atlas) to further up the torrent and into the gorge. It’s easy to understand the UNESCO World Heritage classification simply from visiting this one place.

I’ve posted photos from here before and even shared some content with patrons, but I’m forever in awe by it. As I came upon this particular location for Mallorca 360‘s 360º VR video (which you can watch here), the first thing that caught my eye was that big rock and its eye and hair. It looked to me like an old gargoyle head watching over the torrent, especially since the hike from this point forward becomes more challenging.

From Instagram:

“The gargoyle watched over the torrent, allowing only the worthy to climb past its watchful gaze and into the beyond. Those unfit to pass would be unable to continue or would be spit out into the abyss of its waters.” – I loved shooting at this location (Torrent de Pareis) for @mallorca360 and if you haven’t seen the 360º video of this place, go here:
The Torrent de Pareis is a gorgeous place to visit and is one of the locations for the film, Cloud Atlas. I’ve posted photos from here before, and shared some patron exclusives on my patreon (, but it’s like a gift that keeps on giving, and that changes every time you visit. It’s easy to understand why the Tramuntana (which this location is in) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Love it. 🙂
Btw, the eye is actually there on the rock.
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