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Abandoned Places have their own beauty

From Instagram

Abandoned Places have their own beauty I posted this Abandoned Places photo to Instagram. It’s a place I found when location scouting throughout Manacor, Mallorca. I thought that both the place and the items in it really spoke to me, and I found great beauty in its decadence. It communicates different things to different people, […]

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The Trek Music Single Cover Art

Cover art for another single from The Hunt Album

The Trek Music Single Cover Art The cover art for The Trek is here! Hello everyone! Qualifying patrons on my Patreon have already heard a preview of the song, The Trek, from my upcoming, modern classical music album, The Hunt. I’ve been working hard on finishing the last songs and getting them ready for release, and […]

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"The Family Reviews" has reviewed The Wait

Folksy review concept where a group of Family members listen to and give their opinions on music has taken a listen to my song, The Wait

“The Family Reviews” has reviewed The Wait The Family Reviews is a really cool concept where a family reviews music. Are they music professionals or journalists? Are they particularly qualified? No and no, but they don’t claim to be. I love their concept because it’s folksy, straightforward, and because it’s like an instant focus group […]

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Dimensional Drift music single cover art image

Dimensional Drift is NOW AVAILBLE!

Listen & chill to my new, relaxing & meditative New Age-style, Ambient track, Dimensional Drift, from the Mallorca 360 Season 4 Soundtrack, available on most, popular streaming platforms & online shops.

More info here.