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Abandoned Places have their own beauty
From Instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Photography on October 29, 2018
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Abandoned Places have their own beauty

Abandoned Places are beautiful - Photograph by Franco Esteve

I posted this Abandoned Places photo to Instagram. It’s a place I found when location scouting throughout Manacor, Mallorca. I thought that both the place and the items in it really spoke to me, and I found great beauty in its decadence. It communicates different things to different people, so I’ll leave it up to y’all to interpret it as you will. 🙂

From Instagram:

“Abandoned places have their own beauty to them, despite the social symptoms they may or may not communicate. What we care about certainly changes as the social landscape does, which makes me wonder how important this abandonment will be if this were a post-apocalyptic world we lived in. Just pondering… – Franco Esteve

I found this when location scouting. 👍 It could also be taken as a statement on shopping, materialism and commercialism, but it’s up to the viewer to take it as they will. 😉

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