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Arrival Music Single Cover Art
Cover art for another classical music single from The Hunt Album
Posted in Cover Art, Franco Esteve, Music, The Hunt on December 10, 2018
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Arrival Music Single Cover Art

Arrival Music Single Cover Art by Franco Esteve

The cover art for Arrival is here! Hello everyone! The cover art for Arrival, one of the songs from my upcoming, modern classical music album, The Hunt, is finally here. As y’all know, I’m creating artwork for each of the songs from the album, whether they’re released as singles or not, as they’ll serve as promotional cover art and for the individual sheet music as well. I’ll include all of them in the CD Booklet when the album is launched. 🙂

All my patrons on Patreon, not only those in selected tiers, have already heard a preview of this song, as well as others from my upcoming album, The Hunt. I always try to give value to every patron, no matter which tier they’ve chosen, and appreciate the support. Become a patron today now to listen to Arrival and other songs from the album.

Thanks everyone for your support, and thank you patrons for your patronage. 🙂 Y’all rock.

Patrons get it first! Become a patron and you’ll be able to watch, listen, get behind-the-scenes access, music and more. Go now:

Thank you and stay tuned! There’s a lot more on the way…

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