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Room with a View
From Instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Photography on January 27, 2019
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Room with a View

Room with a View Collage inspiring Franco Esteve's music composition

A Room with a View is the perfect inspiration to take out the iPad, open Notion, and get to writing some great music while enjoying that beautiful blue, Mediterranean Sea view. Qualifying patrons (And the music played or above) can already listen to a preview of The Hunt’s Reprise Part 1, and soon enough, everyone will. 🙂 Are you a patron yet? Become one now! All patrons get to see the full versions of the photos above.

From Instagram:

“Wake up with that view and the music bubbles up on cue. iPad’s out with Notion at the ready, have a look, go out, keep it steady. Pencil in hand and fully inspired, The Hunt’s Reprise is penned and sired. – Franco Esteve”

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A Moment of Madness Music Single Cover Art by Franco Esteve

A Moment of Madness is out!

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More info about the song here.