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The Tormented River
From Instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Mallorca 360, Music, Patreon, Photography on February 11, 2019
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The Tormented River

The Tormented River - Franco Esteve Mallorca 360 Season 1 Soundtrack Package Wallpaper Image

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I posted this particular image to Instagram and included the text below:

From Instagram

“I was surrounded by the tormented waters of the river as I rode at great speed towards the ancient bridge that separated torment from the peaceful beyond, but as fast as the waters carried me, it seemed to forever remain beyond reach.” – FE

Image taken at the bridge near Ses Fonts Ufanes in Campanet, Mallorca while filming for @mallorca360 and is included as one of the exclusive wallpapers in my special Mallorca 360 Season 1 Soundtrack Music Album Package on my new @gumroad shop, which you can find here:
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