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Organized Chaos
From my Instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Photography on April 12, 2019
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Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos photo by Franco Esteve

This is a sight I’ve often found around the world, especially in cities, though it’s not exclusive to them. I’m always impressed when they’re as creative as this in organizing something that is so obviously, disastrously chaotic. Within its chaos, there’s actual order that simply works. Sometimes it’s better not to fix it, but to work with it. I’ve also often seen this with traffic. In many places, despite the “rules” chaos reigns, yet, it’s organized chaos. It actually works, especially once you understand the chaos.

I love this photo for that very reason. It perfectly captures that chaos that works, and is a great metaphor for our own minds, our creativity, our process, which, though often chaotic, we make them work. 🙂

From my instagram:

The world is full of chaos. It can often be ordered, but at times, you just have to embrace the chaos, working within its nature to make things work, be it like this, or with one’s creative endeavors or with one’s mind. This is organized chaos at its finest, and imo, has its own kind of beauty. -FE⁣
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