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Caught in Life's Web
From my instagram
Posted in Franco Esteve, Instagram, Photography on June 30, 2019
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Caught in Life’s Web

Caught in Life's Web photo by Franco Esteve

From my Instagram

“Sometimes in life, we’re caught in a complicated web, and it’s up to us to navigate all the interconnectedness (good or bad) in order to understand it and move through it. -FE

#spiderweb #spiderwebs #web #webs #interconnected #interconnectedness #navigate #complicated #composerslife #worklife #composer #francoesteve #artist #photographer #photography #instects #nature ”

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My new, modern classical crossover, concept album, The Hunt, is finally available. Go get it, listen to it, share it, enjoy it y’all! 😀 🎶  Follow the links below or if you want more information, go here.


What reviewers have said:

“Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, yet emancipated and emotive.” — Huffington Post review of The Wait, single from The Hunt.

“Franco Esteve has managed to impress with a brief piece that exudes diverse emotions which are contagious. To say his music his cinematic is all too obvious and Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired. To do it in two minutes is something to behold.” — Jamsphere Magazine review of Quicksand, single from The Hunt.

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A Moment of Madness Music Single Cover Art by Franco Esteve

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