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"Do I love you or do I hate you?" a poem & performance by Franco Esteve
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Posted in Franco Esteve, Video Performance, Writing on September 18, 2019
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“Do I love you or do I hate you?” a poem and performance by Franco Esteve

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Written and performed by Franco Esteve.
©2019 Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

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Poem Text:
“Do I love you or do I hate you?
For I do remember the hurt that you so caused
A programmed thought can only go so far
As to protect and keep love high
As does the same vaginal push

So do I hate… or love?
It is within that ambiguity that I exist
As I constantly navigate the forest of the past
And the ever more grueling paths of the present
Full of thorns and cutting overbrush

I do not hate you but I do not love you
As it would matter not and I fear in fact would satisfy
To see your grave filled once and all
As I cannot reconcile your actions
With any semblance of normal.

Though I often tolerate your presence
Or existence
And even indulge in a certain level
Of rubbish control and hypocritical communication
I do not forgive you
And I care not for you or your existence.”

Written and performed by Franco Esteve.
Background Song: Atmosphere by Franco Esteve, from the album and short film, Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles

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