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"Look at my skin color" a poem & performance by Franco Esteve
New Video Poem Performance about people's views on and obsession with origin, color, and race
Posted in Franco Esteve, Poetry, Video Performance, Writing on October 4, 2019
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“Look at my skin color” a poem & performance by Franco Esteve

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It’s the next one in this series and it’s meant as a criticism towards some people’s views on and obsession with origin, color, and race. As a Puerto Rican artist growing up in many places throughout the U.S., I’m very familiar with people’s “perceptions” and have received more than my share of “perception” and pre-conception due to my “origin” and “race”, judgements, prejudice, stereotypes, etc. In my opinion, we’re all part of just one race: the human race.

Written and performed by Franco Esteve. ©2019 Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

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Poem Text:

“Look at my skin color
ignore the blueness of my eyes
can you not see my blackness?
are you blind?

Am I not a man of color as you said?
is it not a condition of the place
where I was bred
that all of us are birthed a different race?

Is it not clear
this color I wear
is it not the burden I bear
to constantly carry your judgement?

Look at my face
my blackness I can’t erase
for it exists right there for all to see
it’s in my name… my voice… my birth

Agree to disagree?
I can only go with what I’m taught
and you said that’s how I was brought
so, in me, black is what I see

In you? I see a d**k.”

Written and performed by Franco Esteve.

©2019 Franco Esteve

Background Song: Atmosphere by Franco Esteve, from the album and short film, Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles

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