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"Pre-owned babies for sale" a poem & performance by Franco Esteve
New Video Poem Performance about people who claim to care for life, yet both ignore & punish it once born
Posted in Franco Esteve, Poetry, Video Performance, Writing on October 11, 2019
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“Pre-owned babies for sale” a poem & performance by Franco Esteve

Watch now on YouTube:

Here’s “Pre-owned babies for sale” a poem and video performance. It’s the next one in this series and it’s inspired upon on an old article I wrote for bNowhere with a similar title meant as a criticism of those who claim to care for life, yet ignore it and in fact punish it once it’s born.

Written and performed by Franco Esteve. ©2019 Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

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Poem text:

“Pre-owned babies for sale
get them now before they’re gone
they’ve already been spawned

No miscarriages here
No abortions ya hear
These babies are good to go

You don’t want them?
But weren’t you the one
who forced everyone to have them?
Is your job now done?

Oh, it was fine when it wasn’t yours
when to carry it wasn’t your burden
but now that it’s out and about
you don’t want to be its warden

Pre-owned babies for sale
they’re now everyone’s to bear
had you but kept to your own
we wouldn’t now have to care

So pony up for those children
and be responsible for your voices
but better yet, let others have their choices
and you, butt out.”

Written and performed by Franco Esteve

©2019 Franco Esteve

Background Song: Atmosphere by Franco Esteve, from the album and short film, Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles

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