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Contagion Music Album Covid-19 Release Delays and Video
Contemporary Classical Life Soundtrack Availability Affected by Pandemic
Posted in Contagion, Music, Music Video on May 12, 2020
Contagion, my new, pandemic, life soundtrack concept music album is here! Previous Announcement: New, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack! Next

Contagion Classical Life Soundtrack Music Album Song Video Creation Screenshot

Contagion Music Album Covid-19 Release Delays and Video

My new, contemporary classical life soundtrack concept album, Contagion, based on my experiences during the Covid-19 quarantine and pandemic may experience availability delays due to the pandemic past its May 14th release date. This definitely adds to the relevance of the music and life soundtrack, as it’s exactly this coronavirus pandemic that’s inspired it. I’ll keep everyone up to date on availability so be sure to follow me on social media and on your favorite streaming services to get the news and listen to it as soon as its available. Links further below.

As you can see by the image on this post, I’ll also be releasing a music video to be used on the YouTube release of the album. It’ll be a simple video as seen in the screenshot above, so that YouTube users can experience the music with a visual, not unlike other, cover related videos I’ve done. Usually, my distributor releases a cover-based video of each of the songs, but I’m taking that concept a bit further on my channel, which you can subscribe to here. I hope for them to be available on release day.

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Stay tuned. Stay safe.

From quarantine life,
something painful this way comes,
a new, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack…

Contagion, music by Franco Esteve
Coming May 14th, 2020

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