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Interview time! Check out my Contagion Interview on Jamsphere!
I submit to Rick Jamm's 20 questions about Contagion and more
Posted in Contagion, Franco Esteve, Interview, Music on June 4, 2020
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Interview time! Check out my Contagion Interview on Jamsphere!

Jamsphere Magazine Contagion Franco Esteve Interview Image

Hello everyone!

Interview time! You read their review, now check out the interview. I’ve completed Jamsphere’s Rick Jamm’s 20 questions interview and it’s out now here:

I talk about Contagion, its creation, my process, and a bit about myself as well. Go check it out now! It’s always a fun thing to do and to share with y’all, so special thanks to Rick and Jamsphere for the interview. 🙂 Enjoy!

Want to find out more about my new, pandemic life soundtrack, Contagion? Go here:

Thank you everyone! 🙂 More soon…

Haven’t heard Contagion yet? Go listen, buy, share, loop, and everything else here:

Contagion is now available on:

It’s also available on most other streaming services and digital stores, so if yours isn’t listed above, search for Franco Esteve and Contagion on your favorite service. Now, go enjoy the music. 🙂

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