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Pre-order the Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack now on Bandcamp & Gumroad
Both services include the booklet & album art
Posted in Apocalypse, Apocalypse Soundtrack, Music, The Doll Chronicles, The Doll Chronicles on July 5, 2021
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Apocalypse, The Dol Chronicles Soundtrack Pre-order Image

Hello everyone,

You can now pre-order the Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack) on Bandcamp and on Gumroad.

• Bandcamp:

• Gumroad:

Bandcamp pre-orders include an instant download track and both services include the CD Booklet and Album Cover art when purchasing the album as well as an online private screening of the film before its public release.

Go get it! Share! Follow and everything else!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Not a patron yet? Patrons got early access to the music and film. Become a patron today here:

Prefer iTunes? iTunes pre-orders start on July 7th!

Final Release on most, popular platforms is on July 14th.

More to come soon…

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