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The Hunt Animation is back!
Original animation video with the album's title track
Posted in Music, Music Video, The Hunt on August 4, 2021
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Hello everyone: Although my current focus is purely Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles based, considering the film is currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit and the soundtrack is only on its third week and doing quite well, many of you had asked for a while about the animation I did for The Hunt and whether or not I would release it on a song video. Well, here it is… finally. 🙂
Watch and listen to it here (or above):

It’s the original The Hunt animation, as the title track, The Hunt, plays in the background, a nice way to enjoy both.

Haven’t experienced “The Hunt” yet? Watch above, but enjoy the whole album right here:

Click to listen on Spotify here:

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iTunes / Apple Music:

“The true magic of “The Hunt” is that Franco Esteve, with all his cinematic dexterity did not compose this music as a background to any film. Rather, he composed as a backdrop to life itself… Esteve’s music combines the dreamlike quality of Danny Elfman with the more dramatic, and dynamic styles of Hans Zimmer… displays his gift for musical storytelling so well…” — Jamsphere Magazine review of Franco Esteve’s concept album, “The Hunt”:

“Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, yet emancipated and emotive.” — Huffington Post review of Franco Esteve’s “The Wait“:

“Franco Esteve has managed to impress with a brief piece that exudes diverse emotions which are contagious. To say his music his cinematic is all too obvious and Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired. To do it in two minutes is something to behold.” — Jamsphere Magazine review of Franco Esteve’s “Quicksand“:

Official ‘The Hunt‘ album page:

Enjoy the animated music video and the album! 🙂

There’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned.

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