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Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Selected to Film Festivals (Updated)
Official Selection, Finalist, and Award Winner to a number of festivals
Posted in Apocalypse, Film, Film Festivals, The Doll Chronicles on September 13, 2021
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Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles cliffside promo photo with laurelsApocalypse, The Doll Chronicles, the fourth in The Doll Chronicles series of short films is both official selection, finalist, and award winner in a few film festivals and counting. If you’re anywhere near these festivals and their locations, be sure to check out my little film on their big screen and support indie film.

Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Laurels Line ImageApocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Laurels Line Image

  • Cannes Shorts Film Festival (Best Composer Nominee) – July 4th, 2022 – Cannes, France
  • London Shorts Film Festival (Nominee) – September 5th, 2021 – London, UK
  • Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (Finalist) – September 3rd, 2021 – Paris, France
  • Robinson Film Awards and International Film Festival – May 7th, 2022 – Naples, Italy
  • Medusa Film Festival (Best Short Film Award) – July 31st, 2021
  • Blackboard International Film Festival – July 28th, 2021, Kerala, India
  • Swedish International Film Festival (Finalist) – August 10th-20th and October 30th-31st, 2021, Arvika, Sweden
  • EdiPlay International Film Festival (Best Experimental Short Film Award and Best Film Score Finalist) – July 2nd, 2021, Évry, France
  • 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Finalist) – July 28th, 2021, Paradiso, Bali
  • Rameshwaram International Film Festival (Finalist) – June 20th, 2021, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Golden Cali Film and Art Festival and Awards – July 24th, 2021, California

The festival run is over, though the film might appear on the ocasional festival it might be invited to. 🙂 You can watch the film right now on YouTube here.

Franco Esteve’s DaVinci and above patrons on Patreon got early access to the film, and all patrons get exclusive previews (the music too), so become a patron today:

The official soundtrack is NOW AVAILABLE and its songs have been selected by Spotify editors for Spotify Editorial Playlists. Go listen here.

Thank you everyone! ?

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