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Contagion is now on Spotify!

Listen to my new, pandemic life soundtrack on Spotify!

Contagion, my new, contemporary classical, pandemic life soundtrack concept album is now on Spotify! Contagion is finally on Spotify! You can now enjoy my new, pandemic life soundtrack on Spotify and on most streaming services! COVID-19 AVAILABILITY UPDATE 22 MAY 2020 Spotify fans rejoice! I know most of you use the service, and now, you can […]

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Spotify in an alternate physical universe

From my Instagram

Spotify in an alternate physical universe In an alternate universe… somewhere in Sweden. 😉 If Spotify had existed in the 1950s, in a physical world, what would that have been like? 25 öre coin per play? Biannual release radar playlist and someone physically updating the 45s every few months? -FE You can see this image […]

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The Hunt is here!

Now available! My new, modern classical crossover concept album, The Hunt, is here. Go listen!

The Hunt is here! Go listen!   The Hunt is here! Listen to my new, modern classical crossover music, concept album now on CD, download, or streaming, available on all major stores and services. Go now! Listen and find out more here: “Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, […]

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Scan the Spotify Code, Get Notified

Spotify Scan Code

Scan the Spotify Code, Get Notified Hello everyone! If you’re on Spotify, you can easily scan this code, follow, and automatically be notified when The Hunt drops on May 14th. (Hit search, then click on the camera icon to scan it.) You can also use this link: Share the link with everyone! 🙂 For […]

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Contagion, contemporary classical music concept album CD cover art by Franco Esteve

Contagion, my new, pandemic-based, life soundtrack music concept album is here!

From quarantine life,
something painful this way comes,
a new, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack… Contagion,
music by Franco Esteve

More info about the album here.