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Life on the rocks

From my Instagram

Life on the rocks Expression and creativity flow more easily when you go out and live life, to the fullest, or not, with great happiness or with great pain. Channel your life into your art, whatever your art may be. 🙂 – FE You can see this image on my Instagram here. Find out more […]

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The world around us is a wild one

From my Instagram

The world around us is a wild one From my Instagram: “The world around us is a wild one, and within that raw nature exists the most wondrous beauty if one cares to look, at times in the most unlikely of places. – FE” This is one of a few nature photos available for prints. […]

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Contagion, contemporary classical music concept album CD cover art by Franco Esteve

Contagion, my new, pandemic-based, life soundtrack music concept album is here!

From quarantine life,
something painful this way comes,
a new, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack… Contagion,
music by Franco Esteve

More info about the album here.