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Privacy – Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.

Click to view the: Privacy Policy

Our specific use of cookies:

Functionality: We use cookies to store your site preferences. This may include where you left off on a gallery or video, or the fact that you accepted cookies. It allows us to provide a better navigating experience.

Analytics: We use Auttomatic’s analytics system (through and their Jetpack service). It does not store personal information and is strictly to let us know some basic, anonymous information about our users to better design and maintain our website. Information tracked by our analytics:

  • Post and page views
  • video plays (when hosted on our site –YouTube or Vimeo embeds are handled by their analytics system)
  • outbound link clicks
  • referring URLs and search engine terms
  • country

Auttomatic’s analytics system uses data like IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, and country code in order to provide their analytics. However, none of this information is available to site owners (i.e. Franco Esteve). For example, a site owner can see that a specific post has 285 views, but he/she cannot see which specific users/accounts viewed that post. Furthermore, the logs where they store this information is only retained for 28 days. You can view their full cookies policy, including items that don’t apply to this website here: Cookie Policy.

From Auttomatic’s Privacy Policy


This feature only records activities of a site’s registered users, and the retention duration of activity data will depend on the site’s plan and activity type.

Data Used: To deliver this functionality and record activities around site management, the following information is captured: user email address, user role, user login, user display name, and local user IDs, the activity to be recorded, the site ID of the site on which the activity takes place, the site’s Jetpack version, and the timestamp of the activity. Some activities may also include the actor’s IP address (login attempts, for example) and user agent.

Activity Tracked: Login attempts/actions, post and page update and publish actions, comment/pingback submission and management actions, plugin and theme management actions, widget updates, user management actions, and the modification of other various site settings and options. Retention duration of activity data depends on the site’s plan and activity type. See the complete list of currently-recorded activities (along with retention information).

Data Synced (?): Successful and failed login attempts, which will include the actor’s IP address and user agent.


Data Used: When sharing content via email (this option is only available if Akismet is active on the site), the following information is used: sharing party’s name and email address (if the user is logged in, this information will be pulled directly from their account), IP address (for spam checking), user agent (for spam checking), and email body/content. This content will be sent to Akismet (also owned by Automattic) so that a spam check can be performed. Additionally, if reCAPTCHA (by Google) is enabled by the site owner, the sharing party’s IP address will be shared with that service. You can find Google’s privacy policy here.

Ads and social: Our ads are direct, affiliate links and are not served from third-party servers. If you don’t click on the ad links, the services will not have access to you or the capacity to track you in any way nor will they be informed of your existence. The same applies to our social sharing links. You will notice they are simple, clickable links, and therefore, do not send the information simply through your navigating our site.

  • Affiliate sites linked to: Amazon, NordVPN
  • Social networks linked to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, WhatsApp

Third Parties and Content from External Platforms: Embeds or widgets included on our site allow you to view content hosted on external platforms within the pages of our website and interact with them. As they may collect traffic data from the pages where they are included, even when Visitors don’t use them, we’ve listed them below here:

  • Spotify: widget (Spotify AB) – Spotify delivers music and audio content and is provided by Spotify AB in Sweden. The widget allows Visitors to access their content on our pages. They may collect Cookies as to their application as well as Usage Data. You can access their privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.
  • Vimeo: embedded video widget (Vimeo, Inc.) – Vimeo provides video hosting and delivery services and is provided by Vimeo, Inc. in New York, USA. Their embedded video widget allows Visitors to access their content on our pages. They may collect Cookies as to their use and usage data. You can access their privacy and cookie policies here: Vimeo Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Site Owner Information

Franco Esteve
AP 203
07590 Cala Ratjada, Spain

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