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Contagion | Music Album

Contagion | Music Album

Contagion is here! My contemporary classical pandemic life soundtrack is now available! 

Notwithstanding the fact that this work comes from a dark, disturbed and frustrating place, it has an astonishing, subtle, hypnotic beauty that remains revelatory after countless listens.” – Jamsphere Magazine review of Contagion, June 3, 2020

Check out their full review here and their interview where I talk about Contagion, my process, and more, here.

Listen to the EP on Bandcamp through the embedded player here or on your favorite streaming service (links below):


Distribution delays should now be solved. The album is finally available on most, popular services. Be sure and check the “now available” link list below for availability on the most popular services or search for it on your particular service. Thank you everyone for your interest and patience. Now, go listen, share, loop, etc. 🙂

Now available on:


Listen to the album on YouTube video:


About the Album

Contagion, contemporary classical music concept album CD cover art by Franco Esteve
Music album CD Cover for the modern classical music concept album, Contagion

From quarantine life,
something painful this way comes,
a new, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack…

Contagion is a moment, an interruption, signifying an expression of feelings and music that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and quarantine brought to light. It’s a contemporary classical life track, serving as a soundtrack to the contagion, to its spread, to its mystery, its attack on the body, to our losses during the Covid-19 pandemic and to our future beyond them. As the virus flooded every news outlet, Contagion became an interruption, a mysterious invader, taking over everything, needing to be expressed. It’s a “lifetrack” or “life soundtrack” with its contemporary classical orchestral sounds expressing the feelings and experiences of those first few months of dread and quarantine, through which many of us felt the fear of it all and the actual loss of loved ones.

Release date: May 14th, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Classical / Life Soundtrack

Track list

  1. Contagion
  2. The Spread
  3. Patient Zero
  4. Infected
  5. Death Is Not the End


Read what reviewers have said about Contagion:

“Notwithstanding the fact that this work comes from a dark, disturbed and frustrating place, it has an astonishing, subtle, hypnotic beauty that remains revelatory after countless listens.” – Jamsphere Magazine review of Franco Esteve’s pandemic life soundtrack, Contagion, June 3, 2020:

“an album soaked in a tinge of devastating darkness and depth…the virus has come to stay, but so has Esteve’s music… We accept this new electronic requiem, for the new times that await us and we celebrate his music…”
Cap Vermell Magazine review (in Catalan) of Franco Esteve’s pandemic life soundtrack, Contagion, June 30, 2020:

Read the Press Release here: English

Check out JamSphere Magazine’s review of Contagion here:

Read the Contagion Interview with Rick Jamm’s 20 questions on Jamsphere here: I talk about Contagion, my process, and a lot more, so don’t miss it.

Read the Cap Vermell Magazine (Catalan language) review of Contagion here:

Listen on Spotify Here:


Sheet Music

Attention Orchestra, Chamber music, Ensemble and School Players! The sheet music for Contagion is NOW AVAILABLE as a single package that includes the score for all five songs in PDF, including notation for each individual instrument, and also the original CD Booklet and the songs in MP3 320 including the cello solo bonus track version of Death Is Not the End. Check it out on Gumroad here:

I hope you enjoy playing the music as much as I did writing it. Remember to let me know if your group or orchestra plays it and posts it so I can give it a shout out. I’m looking forward to see how others interpret it. 🙂

Enjoy the album! Live the music! 🙂

Find out more about Franco Esteve here and about his music here.

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