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Siurana Spell | Music Single

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Siurana Spell New Age Music Single by Franco Esteve CD Cover

Siurana Spell | Music Single

Released in 2018, Siurana Spell is a new age-style song that is both meditative and relaxing while simultaneously evoking some classic, romantic themes I created. It was written specifically for Mallorca 360’s 360-degree, virtual reality video of the Siurana Canal in Muro, Mallorca, Spain, where you can relax and contemplate the canal’s beauty, virtually standing on the dock next to it. It transports you beyond the canal, and romantically lifts you to a loving and relaxing space.

The music and sounds are meant to transport you not just to what you see in the video, but beyond the video itself, so whether you’re watching or you close your eyes while listening to the music, you move beyond yourself and unto a higher plane of relaxation and love.

I hope you enjoy the Siurana Spell and fall into its magic, and may you always enjoy the deep and pleasurable meditation of life, love, and beauty.

Siurana Spell is available as a single, but is also included in the Mallorca 360 Season 1 Soundtrack.

Listen to it on Spotify here or on the player below:

You can also listen to it, and buy it on Bandcamp here or through the player below:

It’s also available at most online stores and streaming services.

Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Spotify Get or Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on iTunes Apple Music Get or listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Deezer Buy or listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Tidal Get Siurana Spell, new age music single at Bandcamp Get Franco Esteve's New Age Music Single, Siurana Spell at Gumroad

If you prefer Spotify as your streaming service, you can find the song here, and don’t forget to follow me there or through the link below.

You can watch the original Siurana Canal video, which includes Siurana Spell on YouTube here:

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