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The Hunt | Music Album

The Hunt Music Album Cover
Music album CD Cover for the modern classical music album, The Hunt

The Hunt | Music Album

The Hunt is out! Listen and get it now on iTunes, Bandcamp, Gumroad, (CD or MP3), CDBaby, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, GooglePlay, Amazon España, Amazon UK, or at your favorite online store or streaming service. Available NOW!

“The true magic of “The Hunt” is that Franco Esteve, with all his cinematic dexterity did not compose this music as a background to any film. Rather, he composed it as a backdrop to life itself.” – Jamsphere Magazine review of The Hunt album, May 25, 2019

Check out Jamsphere Magazine’s review of The Hunt here:

About the Album

The Hunt is the orchestral soundtrack to the film we experience everyday, its ups, its downs, its successes, and its losses. It’s my way of expressing that, both beautifully and tragically through modern classical, orchestral music.

The concept album is a musical journey that tells a story both literally and metaphorically. Though the songs were written individually, the album is loosely tied together in a single thread that binds its story. The songs are meant to reflect the story of The Hunt, but how one interprets that hunt is up to each of you. For me, it’s been a journey that’s taken a little over three years to complete and the album in many ways reflects that.

The Hunt is the hunt of life, hunting for health, for life, for happiness, for love, for ideas, for creativity, for success. Life has happiness, but it also has pain, and that is also reflected in some of the music (especially in Quicksand and Lament). It’s is the contemporary classical crossover and orchestral accompaniment to all those experiences, the soundtrack that expresses them in a song format that any listener can experience and enjoy even for a short moment, for one sitting, or within a personalized playlist.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, composing music for me is a process of exploration, full of places to visit and explore and express. The music here is drawn from life itself, sometimes simple and sometimes complex. I hope you enjoy The Hunt and that the hunt of your life is always a happy, loving, and successful one. Enjoy! 🙂


Read what reviewers have said about The Hunt and its previously released singles:

“The true magic of “The Hunt” is that Franco Esteve, with all his cinematic dexterity did not compose this music as a background to any film. Rather, he composed as a backdrop to life itself.” — Jamsphere Magazine review of Franco Esteve’s concept album, “The Hunt”:

“Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, yet emancipated and emotive.” — Huffington Post review of Franco Esteve’s “The Wait“:

“Franco Esteve has managed to impress with a brief piece that exudes diverse emotions which are contagious. To say his music his cinematic is all too obvious and Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired. To do it in two minutes is something to behold.” — Jamsphere Magazine review of Franco Esteve’s “Quicksand“:

Read the Press Release here.

Read the Broadtube Music Channel’s online interview about The Hunt, Franco’s background and process, the industry, the songs, composing, and more, here:

Listen to Franco Esteve’s interview on the Just Glynis Show at Mallorca Sunshine Radio, where he talks about The Hunt, music and the industry, Mallorca 360, and The Doll Chronicles films. Go here and listen to interview number 50:

Genre: Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical / Classical Crossover / Classical

Release date: May 14th, 2019

Track list:

1. Sunrise (2:26)

2. A Dangerous Mind (2:03)

3. Enter the Huntress (1:22)

4. The Trek (3:11)

5. Arrival (2:50)

6. The Wait (3:25)

7. The Hunt (2:41)

8. The Chase (1:06)

9. Quicksand (2:16)

10. Lament (5:39)

11. The Hunt’s Reprise (3:21)

Where to buy it?

The album is available at most, popular online stores and streaming services, as well as directly from me on Bandcamp and Gumroad. Here are some of the links and store descriptions:

  1. Bandcamp:  – buy direct through Bandcamp and you get the music in FLAC, MP3 and other formats, unlimited streaming through their app, as well as the CD booklet in PDF and of course, the album cover.
  2. Gumroad:  – buy direct from me and get some extras. You get the music in three formats: FLAC (lossless), AAC 256k (same as iTunes), and HQ MP3 (320k) as well as the full booklet with all the artwork in PDF format, a digital poster with the original, individual song art and of course, the album cover.
  3. Amazon: – offers the album in CD or in MP3 formats. (CD is only available on but it’s available for worldwide shipping). The downloadable version is available on all Amazon stores worldwide.
  4. CDBaby:  – my distributor offers the music through the store in HQ MP3 (320k).
  5. iTunes: – iTunes offers its music in AAC 256 (or streaming through Apple Music).
  6. Tidal:  – Tidal offers the album in FLAC (lossless) or through their streaming service (HiFi: FLAC, Normal: MP3).
  7. Google Play – The Google Play store sells music in HQ MP3 format.

CDs? What are those?

Get the CD from through this affiliate link: available now here (also available as a digital download).

Well, there’s a lot of people that still prefer physical media, and not necessarily to put it into a CD player. There are still a couple of advantages with a CD:

  • You get a beautiful, physical item you can show off.
  • You get a 28 page printed booklet and disc which you can hold in your hand and not look at on a screen.
  • But best of all, you get the music in the highest quality, uncompressed, WAV format, which you can also RIP to your computer and add to your digital collection for portable, offline listening.

Being able to hear it as close to the artist’s intent as possible is what still makes CDs worth it for the most part, especially since most services, especially streaming services, only give you compressed, lossy formats, which even at high-quality and varying bitrates, are nowhere near the full original, especially given the right equipment. It’s why after a day listening to music on some streaming services, you might find yourself more tired than if you listened to CDs all day. Your brain has to fill in the blanks for the missing information.

Of course, you can get the album in lossless FLAC format from Bandcamp and Gumroad using the links above (which also include the CD Booklet), and HiFi subscribers to streaming services Tidal and Deezer, also get FLAC or other lossless quality format.

The Hunt Classical Music Album Booklet Panels Preview

Where to stream it?

The Hunt is available at most, popular online streaming services and radio stations (starting May 14th). Here some of the service links:

  1. Spotify: Listen to the album now, free. Spotify has a free tier and premium tiers with higher quality.
  2. Apple Music: Only available for premium subscribers and previews for all the rest.
  3. Deezer: Listen to the album now, free. Deezer has free, premium, and HiFi tiers (lossless), with an excellent music flow feature.
  4. Tidal: Only available to premium subscribers or purchasers, but they offer HiFi tiers in lossless FLAC quality.
  5. Amazon Unlimited: Listen to the album on Amazon’s music service.
  6. Listen to it on your favorite streaming service. The album is available on most, popular, worldwide streaming services.

Listen to the album on Spotify right here:

Don’t forget to follow here:


Sheet Music

Attention Orchestra, Chamber music, Ensemble and School Players, now, for the first time, I’ve released sheet music for y’all to play.  Here’s what’s currently available from The Hunt:

  1. The Wait: Get the Sheet music from my Gumroad here or from Sheet Music Plus here.
  2. The Hunt: Get the Sheet music from my Gumroad here or from Sheet Music Plus here.
  3. Enter the Huntress: Get the Sheet music from my Gumroad here or from Sheet Music Plus here.

I’ll be making more of the songs available soon.


Enjoy the album! Live the music! 🙂

Find out more about Franco Esteve here and about his music here.

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The Hunt Modern Classical Music Album Cover

Get The Hunt now! The Hunt is out! Listen to and/or get Franco Esteve’s new, modern classical crossover music album and soundtrack to your life on Amazon (CD or digital), iTunes / Apple Music, BandcampGumroad, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, GooglePlay, CDBaby, or your favorite online store or streaming service.

More album info here. Get the sheet music on Gumroad or Sheet Music Plus.

Read Jamsphere Magazine’s review of The Hunt here.