The Doll Chronicles is an anthological series of short films that explores some social issues, expectations of beauty and other situations. They attempt to express a feeling about something occurring in society and to women. What began as a conversation over a couple of beers between Nùria Garcia, Emma Saura Woods and Franco Esteve, where Núria suggested the random idea of a Barbie doll hitting the ground and suddenly being a real human being, has grown into something socially relevant and beautiful. Franco Esteve took that concept in order to express a series of stories, unified by the human doll. It is currently in its award-winning third story, Consequence, which has screened at festivals throughout the world and can currently be seen on Vimeo here.

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Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles Poster

The Doll Chronicles are written, directed, and produced by Franco Esteve and are made with the help of the other members of the Producciones Tecatas team. The team has filmed three stories in The Doll Chronicles: Reaction, Paranoia, and the award-winning, Consequence.

The next film in the series, Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles is currently in production and will be released sometime in 2017. You can watch the trailer on Vimeo here.

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Franco Esteve's Devil's Within
Franco Esteve's Devils Within is an exploration within that spatial interaction that occurs within our lungs, alive, between body and nature, between the smoke and the cell. Its visions look for those demons that exist within us, within ourselves, within the smoker. Each person has their own interpretation, their own understanding, their own vision of that which exists within. In many ways, the images serve as a rorschach test of sorts, and though many see the things which I understood are there, others see their own visions, their own thoughts, their own demons and emotions. It's real. It's there… inside the smoker.

The book utilizes anaglyph stereo images to better convey the message of its photos, and though it's recommended to have glasses available to fully experience the depth of that within the smoke, they are certainly not a requisite (The 2D versions of the photographs are also included). If you need glasses (red and cyan), you can get them from Amazon (USA) here:
And from Amazon (UK) here:

Franco Esteve's Devil's Within 3D showingI sincerely hope you enjoy the photography collection included within this book, and I hope to see you at an exhibit.

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***Note: People are often surprised to learn that the images in this book and collection are actual photographs and not created through other means or doctored to create the shapes and forms (except to create the 3D window depth effect in the 3D versions, of course). They are as I saw them through the lens, but I certify that no demons were harmed during their capture. :)

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Franco Esteve's Natural Raw
Natural Raw is Franco Esteve's first photography book and collection. It captures the raw essence of nature in all its forms and contains poetic writing to enhance the experience of each of the images. It is a large format book and can be purchased on here, and as an ebook both through the Blurb book service here and through the Apple iTunes iBooks Store here.

Franco Esteve Natural Raw Sample ImagesThe book represents a vision of nature that includes its raw forms and expressions as well as the occasional crude, human contribution. Some of these are dramatic and can even be cruel and violent, and yet, others express a peaceful beauty like no other.

This book attempts to express this raw vision, both through its impactful images and through its accompanying written expressions which poetically transport the reader into nature's world. It attempts to evoke unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer, both contrary and predictable. It is Franco's hope that you will enjoy his varying visions – the ethereal brightness, the daze-inducing, happy and flowery views, the dark void within his visions of smoke, the raw crudeness of consumption, and the dreamy nature of colorblind – and feel enthralled by the journey through them.

I really hope you enjoy them. :) If you're interested in buying prints from this collection, you can find them @imagekind here. Thank you for your interest in my photography, and I hope to see you at an exhibit.

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Franco Esteve's photography is versatile and attempts to communicate and express his feelings and views of the world. His better known collections, Natural Raw and Franco Esteve's Devils Within, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his photographic efforts. Check out the gallery to sample some of his photos and visit Imagekind to purchase prints.

Franco Esteve's Devil's WithinFranco Esteve's Natural RawCreation by Franco EsteveWinter Wonderland by Franco EsteveAbandon by Franco EstevePaths by Franco Esteve

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Music is an integral part of my creative process, creating it, listening to it, thinking about it. It is yet another expression of beauty that has been part of my life since a very young age. After filming Reaction, The Doll Chronicles, I realized I had created much more than the theme, but music that served my idea of The Doll Chronicles quite well. So, I set out to create more music for the films, some of it which ended up as the score for Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles and for Consequence, The Doll Chronicles. Some of it didn't make the cut for the films, but I thought it would be fun to release one or two of those, so I released iBoogie and may release others in the future. From there, I've started exploring other musical areas and continue to release other music in multiple genres. You can find all my current releases here:

Siurana Spell

New release (2018): Siurana Spell is a new age-style song that is both meditative and relaxing while simultaneously evoking some classic, romantic themes I created. It was written specifically for Mallorca 360’s 360-degree, virtual reality video of the Siurana Canal in Muro, Mallorca, Spain, where you can relax and contemplate the canal’s beauty, virtually standing on the dock next to it. It transports you beyond the canal, and romantically lifts you to a loving and relaxing space.

The music and sounds are meant to transport you not just to what you see in the video, but beyond the video itself, so whether you’re watching or you close your eyes while listening to the music, you move beyond yourself and unto a higher plane of relaxation and love.

I hope you enjoy the Siurana Spell and fall into its magic, and may you always enjoy the deep and pleasurable meditation of life, love, and beauty.

Listen to it, and buy it here:

It's also available at most online stores and streaming services.

If you prefer Spotify as your streaming service, you can find the song here, and don't forget to follow me there or through the link below.

You can watch the original video on YouTube here:


The Wait

My latest classical music release, The Wait is a classical style piece of music that reflects waiting and anticipation. It was written out of insomnia and the constant incapacity to sleep. It’s something I have personally struggled with throughout my life, and I admit a lot of my ideas flow from those hours fighting with it. The Wait is directly related to it, born of it. It’s that anxious waiting for sleep to come, the time ticking away, the realization that time is passing and the possible sleep time lessens. Suddenly, you feel it, but it disappears once again, and the anxiousness returns.

The different orchestral elements attempt to reflect that, with the violin’s pizzicato ticking away, as other elements creep in, and the mind races in the darkness. It features violins, cello, horns, and a rainstick to tell the story of that struggle with insomnia. For me it expresses that story. For you, it might express something different. It might inspire one of my films or stories, or one of yours.

I hope you enjoy The Wait and all my music, and may you always enjoy the deep and pleasurable slumber of a good night’s sleep.

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The Wait announcement press release (opens in PDF in a new window):

You can listen to it on Spotify here:

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Attention Chamber music and ensemble and school players, now, for the first time, I've released the sheet music score for you to play with. It can be played with a couple of violins, a cello, a french horn, and a rainstick, or adapt it for your particular ensemble. Find the music for The Wait at Sheet Music Plus here!


It's a Boogie-Woogie-style piece, created during the process of exploring musical concepts for Consequence, The Doll Chronicles. It's played in a live, improvisational style, warts included. In the end, it wasn't used in the film, and instead I used the original, loop-based piece I'd created as filler music during the editing process called Rockin' Rolla. It just seemed as a better fit for that first scene, with its slightly cheesier feel. Still, I fell in love with iBoogie, and I hope you enjoy it.

You can hear it right here:

And you can purchase it on clicking here.

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Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the short film is currently available for purchase on CDBaby. Listen to it here:

It's also available on iTunes and Spotify or any of your favorite services.

Consequence, The Doll Chronicle Soundtrack

The Consequence, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack won an Award of Merit for Original Score from the IndieFest Film Awards. You can listen to the album here (click the links on the player to purchase it):

You can get it as a high-quality mp3 or uncompressed FLAC from here.

After the release of Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles, I'll be releasing the music for that film and during that time, some others. In the meantime, enjoy the current releases. I've had also released some other musical pieces on SoundCloud, which I've composed as I explore different concepts and ideas for the films. Many of those are no longer available, butvyou can listen to some of my current releases on my SoundCloud profile here.

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Other musical releases:


Quicksand reflects the ups and downs and difficulties of the quicksand of life, trying to bring you down, but you must swim to the surface and be ever vigilant. It's a classical style, instrumental piano song that reflects all those emotions. A lot of my music has been composed for my films, but Quicksand is one that came on its own and is available now.

You can listen to the album here (click the links on the player to purchase it):

As always, it's available on FLAC and HQ mp3 at CDBaby here, and on all your favorite services for purchase and streaming like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

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I'm currently promoting The Wait, while finishing The Doll Chronicles: Apocalypse film and sountrack, as well as other works to be released later in the year. Thank you for visiting, listening, buying, and for your support! :) Enjoy!


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