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Let it Flow at Las Paylas Puerto Rico - Photo

Let life flow like this beautiful photo from the stream at Las Paylas, El Yunque, Puerto Rico

Let it Flow at Las Paylas Puerto Rico – Photo Obstacles exist. Life happens. Let it flow. -FE #stream #river #puertorico #laspaylas #flow #water #stream Like this photo and follow me on Instagram here. New music is coming April 14th, 2022. Check out A Moment of Madness here. Have you listened to my latest music […]

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Pollença stream photo

Looking over the gorgeous landscape of the Pollença torrent

Pollença stream photo   I looked over the #stream as its #waters receded, and marveled at how nature’s green regenerated with a bit of air and sun. So do we. -FE #pollença #mallorca #majorca #stream #channel #torrent #nature #naturephotography #landscape Like this photo and follow me on Instagram here. Have you listened to my latest […]

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London Thames Skyline St. Paul's Artwork

Mixed media artwork of London, St. Paul's, & the Thames

London Thames Skyline St. Paul’s Artwork   As I flew across the painted landscape, the past’s future present became the now, and I dreamt of London, tomorrow, yesterday, now. – FE #artwork #london #england #art #mixedmedia #stpaulcathedral #thames #river #city #uk #britain Like this photo and follow me on Instagram here. Have you listened to […]

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Way to the Heavens photo

Photo from the Cala Mesquida dreams collection

Way to the Heavens (photo from the Cala Mesquida Collection)   Riding the #glistening #waters of the #stream, the sky lit up in a nordic display of #wonder, but a darkness loomed beyond. Was I on my way to the #heavens or to some #underworld? What do you think #Charon? -FE #calamesquida #mallorca #majorca #dreamlike […]

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Artwork: Charon crossing the river Styx


Artwork: Charon crossing the river Styx Charon crossing the river Styx to pick up their next passenger. 🙂 Inspiration for art can come from many places, and in this case it came from an accidental image on leftover soap trails on a mirror, a grim reaper on a boat across the heavens. Look at the […]

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London Frequency

From my Instagram

London Frequency I’m in a London frequency… London calling at the top of the dial. – FE One of my favorite views, from the top of The Shard in London. Gorgeous view of the Walkie Talkie and north skyline. 🙂 You can see this image on my Instagram here. Find out more about my photography […]

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Take a Ride

From my Instagram

Take a Ride It’s so lovely to be out and about in nature. 🙂 Great location. From my Instagram: Take a ride. Connect with nature and animal. Explore the world and yourself. Absorb the beauty. Go create. – FE #horse #horseback #horsebackrider #horsebackriding #horseride #horseriding #torrent #stream #river #nature #mallorca #majorca #lovemallorca #lovetotravel #explore #composerslife […]

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And a river runs through them

From my Instagram

And a river runs through them Exploring your surroundings can reap gorgeous rewards like this beautiful location. It’s inspiring, but is also a discovery for future projects. 🙂 From my Instagram: Two sides to the world, to our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and a river runs through them. But the river is liquid, fluid, ever changing, […]

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From my Instagram

Gozalandia   Gozalandia is one of my favorite places on Earth, and it’s on the island of my birth, Puerto Rico. If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico, you should definitely go, and when you do, get out of San Juan and explore the island. It’s full of spectacular places like this. This one in […]

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Staring Down the Waterfall

From Instagram

Staring Down the Waterfall The green, bright and glossy, makes it so tempting to jump in… From my Instagram: The water called to me as I stared down the falls, tempting me to jump, hypnotically inviting me into its abyss. What kind of life awaits should I dare flow and fly into it I wonder? […]

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A Moment of Madness Music Single Cover Art by Franco Esteve

A Moment of Madness is out!

Listen to the theme from the upcoming series, Fragments of Madness on Apple Music, Bandcamp,,  Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, or at your favorite online store or streaming service. Available NOW!

More info about the song here.