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"The Family Reviews" has reviewed The Wait

Folksy review concept where a group of Family members listen to and give their opinions on music has taken a listen to my song, The Wait

“The Family Reviews” has reviewed The Wait The Family Reviews is a really cool concept where a family reviews music. Are they music professionals or journalists? Are they particularly qualified? No and no, but they don’t claim to be. I love their concept because it’s folksy, straightforward, and because it’s like an instant focus group […]

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The Chase Music Single Cover Art

Cover art for another single from The Hunt Album

The Chase Music Single Cover Art The cover art for The Chase is here! Hello everyone! I’ve been kind of quiet these last two weeks, mostly because I’ve been extra busy finishing the final songs to be included in the upcoming, modern classical music album, The Hunt. I’m not quite there yet, but getting closer. […]

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Sunrise Music Single CD Cover

Another single from The Hunt Album

Sunrise Music Single CD Cover Sunrise Music Single CD Cover: This is the cover for Sunrise, one of the songs from my upcoming album, The Hunt. As y’all know, I’m creating covers for each of the songs in The Hunt, whether or not they’re released as singles, as they’ll each be available in sheet music […]

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The Huntress is Coming and She's on The Hunt

Upcoming sheet music from The Hunt album

Enter the huntress sheet music is ready! The huntress is coming and she’s on The Hunt!  Enter the huntress is a cello solo piece for my upcoming, modern classical music album, The Hunt. Its sheet music is ready and once the album is released, you’ll be able to listen to it and to a performance […]

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A Moment of Madness Music Single Cover Art by Franco Esteve

A Moment of Madness is out!

Listen to the theme from the upcoming series, Fragments of Madness on Apple Music, Bandcamp,,  Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, or at your favorite online store or streaming service. Available NOW!

More info about the song here.