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Writing | Franco Esteve

Writing is integral to everything I do, be it articles, commentary, scripts, poetry, stories, etc. It’s something that I’ve done since a very young age and has great significance to my art. Often, it’s something I’ve written or am working on that might inspire music, film, or art.

I’ve had articles published in El Nuevo Día newspaper, Puerto Rico’s number one daily newspaper, in online outlets and in magazines. My poetry has been featured in anthology series, receiving accolades, and you can see its importance in the poetic writing under each photo of my photography book, Natural Raw. Though I mainly compose instrumental pieces, poetry often influences my composing (as does everything else).

My stories have been featured in fiction magazines in Puerto Rico, and my screenplays are the basis of The Doll Chronicles series of short films.

You can also find and read some of my work at and on my bNowhere blog. In these, not only do I post some of my more prominent news information, but also articles, editorials and more. I’ll be updating this page with more information soon.

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